David Matthew Wittig would like to thank the following people and institutions that were instrumental in creating this work:

  • Robyn Farrell, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at The Art Institute of Chicago for exposing me to Steve McQueen’s work through her own curatorial work. 
  • Paris Chong at the Leica Gallery who on first sight understood this work and grasped its significance and potential. Her enthusiasm and support for the work have been a consistent encouragement.
  • Alex Wellerstein, professor and nuclear weapons historian, who has assembled a great collection of primary sources on his blog Nuclear Secrecy.
  • The National Security Archive at George Washington University for their excellent collection and curation of declassified FOIA documents.
  • The CIA, NSA, DOE, and many other “three-letter agencies” for their commitment to transparency and openness in posting many of these documents on their websites - as well as to the countless individuals who had the thankless task of searching for, reviewing, and redacting millions of pages at the whims of private citizens. 
  • John Greenwald Jr (who operates Black Vault), MuckRock, and the thousands of citizens of have made FOIA requests and shared them online, sometimes at great personal expense .
  • The 89th United States Congress and President Johnson for enacting the Freedom of Information Act, which I believe is one of the most amazing laws ever passed.